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Gwenn Voelckers is an engaging and inspiring workshop facilitator, book author, newspaper columnist and sought-after speaker.

She’s a woman who’s “been there.” After her divorce, she spent several years struggling to regain lost confidence and her zest for life. Thanks to some good advice from her mother (“You’ve got to start living again and stop waiting for Prince Charming!”), Gwenn set out to create a wonderful life on her own. By all accounts, she has accomplished what she set out to do, and now shares her success strategies and practical tips with others.

In 2005, Gwenn founded and began facilitating Live Alone and Thrive empowerment workshops for women. Her common sense approach, personal warmth, and genuine interest in others enable her to make real connections with those who turn to her for help and encouragement. She combines compassion and humor to put people at ease and bring out their best.

Not a licensed professional, Gwenn’s expertise is born out of real-life experience. She openly shares her story and inspirational example so that others might also feel whole and complete on their own. By serving as a positive role model, Gwenn is determined to revive the energy, hope, potential, and power she firmly believes resides in everyone.

A former healthcare and communications executive, Gwenn knows what it takes to enjoy life as a single, independent woman. In her spare time, she loves spending time with her friends and family, gardening, exercising, and playing percussion for a local community band.

Gwenn lives with her dog, Scout, in an 1830s English Cottage in upstate New York, where she runs her workshops and operates House Content Bed & Breakfast.